The mission of the School of Occupational Therapy is to prepare its graduates for the scientific, ethical, client-centered, and evidence-based practice of occupational therapy. This is achieved in a liberal arts context that promotes a community of learning, teaching excellence, scholarly engagement of faculty and students, and close faculty-student interaction. The School of Occupational Therapy is committed to equipping its graduates to promote the occupational participation of clients across practice settings through:

  • recognizing the diversity of human situations, values, occupations, and behaviors;
  • exhibiting the expected qualities of a professional health care practitioner; and
  • demonstrating beginning skills in building relationships between practitioners, clients, and the health care system.

The professional master degree program utilizes enhanced classroom, community and clinical experiences in leadership, advocacy, and research to provide its students with the knowledge, critical thinking, and clinical skills necessary to practice general occupational therapy at the entry-level. Graduates have an excellent foundation for professional lifelong learning, service to the profession, and later specialization.