Acceptable as popular synonym for both male and female homosexuals (n. and adj.), although it is generally associated with males while "lesbian" is the more common term for female homosexuals. Avoid references to gay, homosexual, or alternative “lifestyles.” Also, see LGBT.

get-together (n.), get together (v.)

good, well
"Good" is an adjective that means something is as it should be or is better than average. "Good" should not be used as an adverb. It does not lose its status as an adjective in a sentence such as I feel good. Such a statement is the idiomatic equivalent of I am in good health. An alternative, I feel well, could be interpreted as meaning that your sense of touch was advanced. When used as an adjective, "well" means "suitable, proper, healthy." When used as an adverb, "well" means "in a satisfactory manner" or "skillfully."

government bodies
Always lowercase, never abbreviate. Also, see capitalization, government bodies.

Acceptable in all references for grade-point average.

Takes singular verbs and pronouns: The group is reviewing its position.