It means one of a kind. Do not describe something as rather unique, most unique, somewhat unique, etc.

university vs. college
Either term is acceptable when referring to the University of Puget Sound, but college is preferred when:

  • Referring primarily to the undergraduate programs or experience.
  • Referring specifically to the University of Puget Sound as a national liberal arts college.
  • Discussing attributes or benefits of a liberal arts education.

The mission statement is an example of the coexistence of college and university: the University of Puget Sound is an independent, predominately residential undergraduate liberal arts college with selected graduate programs building effectively on a liberal arts foundation. The university, as a community of learning ...

University vs. university
Capitalize university when it is part of a proper name: University of Puget Sound, Harvard University

See Capitalization, university.

University of Puget Sound vs. the University of Puget Sound
University of Puget Sound (without the indefinite article "the") is strongly preferred. This usage is consistent with how the name appears in the official university seal and logo.

Acceptable in all references to United Parcel Service.

UPS vs. Puget Sound
On the first reference, use University of Puget Sound. On subsequent references, use Puget Sound. Although we may refer to the university as UPS to the campus community, Puget Sound is preferred.
Legal name: The University of Puget Sound (for use on legal documents)
Formal name: University of Puget Sound
Informal name: Puget Sound
Intimate name: UPS

Not upwards.

Uniform Resource Locator, an internet address. For the University of Puget Sound website URLs, it is not necessary to include https:// or www. when the first section of the URL is www.: pugetsound.edu. However, for university internet addresses that do not begin with www., include https:// so that readers do not assume that www. is part of the address: https://asups.pugetsound.edu. Also, see Computer, terminology.

The abbreviation is acceptable as a noun or adjective for United States. Use periods in the abbreviation.