History of Diversity Strategic Planning

Since the creation of the Diversity Planning Task Force in the academic year 2005-06 and establishing a Diversity Strategic Plan in December 2006, Puget Sound has worked diligently to address diversity and inclusion on campus. Out of the Task Force's work, a more permanent college-wide institutional group, the Diversity Advisory Council (DAC), was established in September 2008. DAC is a group charged with examining diversity, inclusion, and equity issues on campus concerning policy and practice from multiple perspectives (including access, recruitment and retention, community connections and outreach to diverse constituents, and campus climate and culture). DAC works together with the President’s Cabinet leadership and Puget Sound constituents to engage the campus community in productive dialogue about campus climate issues and make recommendations toward action.

DAC collaborates with Institutional Research (IR) to lead and carry out Puget Sound’s Campus Climate Survey focused on gauging collective change in experiences and perceptions of Puget Sound campus climate as reported by faculty, staff, and students, and is charged, in collaboration with the Cabinet, with developing and implementing the institution’s Diversity Strategic Plan. DAC reviews current efforts to enhance diversity in representation and practice and consider which diversity goals and approaches might serve effectively in furthering the university’s diversity and inclusion vision and diversity statement.

The goals and objectives of the diversity strategic plan should be designed to serve as a vehicle to help move the university from its current state about equity and inclusion, practice, and representation toward the future state to which we aspire. Important to each strategic goal's accountability is the institution’s role in providing the human and financial capacity to carry out said objectives effectively.

Members of the AY 2020–21 Diversity Advisory Council

  • Sunil Kukreja (Chair), Interim Chief Diversity Officer
  • Amelia Bergen ‘21
  • Tim Beyer, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Sandra Braedt, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Interim Title IX Coordinator, Interim Equal Opportunity Officer
  • Kelly Brown, Director, Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services
  • Allison Cannady-Smith, AVP Constituent Relations, Alumni and Parent Relations
  • Regina Duthely, Assistant Professor, English
  • Lea Fortman, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Brittney Jackson, Assistant Director of Admissions and Multicultural Admissions Coordinator
  • Mimi Molosky ’22
  • Vivie Nguyen, Director for Intercultural Engagement
  • Jada Pelger, Information Resources Coordinator, Collins Memorial Library
  • Ellen Peters, Associate Provost for Institutional Research, Planning and Student Success
  • Denise Powell, Training Specialist
  • Erin Ruff, Human Resources Manager
  • Tolu Taiwo, Assistant Director of Access Programs
  • Carolyn Weisz, Professor, Psychology
  • Dave Wright ’96, University Chaplain and Director for Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement