The University of Puget Sound Pre-Health Club strives to support members in reaching their utmost potential in their pre-health experience by engaging in a community of other pre-health students who can provide support, advice, and ask questions freely.

The club uplifts passion and confidence in students to achieve their pre-health goals, as well as bring forth more opportunities and resources for club members to discover their interests. Pre-Health Club is open to all health professions! All students are accepted, regardless of where they may be in their pre-health journey—whether you are simply exploring, or are actively applying to a professional health program.

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2021-2022 Pre-Health Club Leadership Team

  • President: Sofia McLaren 
  • Vice-President: Kelci Hooker 
  • Treasurer: Keren Rivkin
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Evelyn Standaert
  • Events Chair: Kaushal Raghu
  • Secretary: Andrew Saddler 
  • Social Media Coordinator: Angel Ai-Perreira
  • OT/PT Representative: Grace Sexton
  • First-Year Representative: Amanda Wissing