Committee letters will ONLY be submitted AFTER your application is submitted AND you have given HPA access to your application (There is an option for this within AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, etc.). Committee letters are written once all of your recommendation letters are complete and your application is submitted. Order is determined by which applicants complete these steps first.

Personal Information

Year In School
Current Address
Permanent Address
Will you be applying to:

If you have taken your DAT or MCAT, what are your scores?


  • I request the Chair of the Health Professions Advising Committee to prepare a committee letter of evaluation for me with the understanding that it will be made available to persons and institutions to whom I make application for admission to professional schools of the health sciences. This is to include the schools listed on the attached Committee Letter Request Form and any schools which I may later specify to you in writing. A copy of this evaluation may also be used to support my candidacy for prizes or awards, fellowships, grants or positions for which I may apply. The evaluation will not otherwise be used without my written consent.
  • I understand that the Chair of the Committee has access to my transcript, my test scores, and may request a report on academic honesty from the Associate Academic Dean and conduct from the Dean of Students.
  • I Waive my rights to this letter and all letters of reference submitted on my behalf.