Verification is the process used to check the accuracy of the information reported on the FAFSA. The federal processor randomly selects applications for verification. Typically about 20% of our applicants are selected to be verified.


How Will I Know if I Have Been Selected for Verification?

  1. Your Federal Student Aid Report (SAR) will indicate if you have been selected.
  2. You will be notified via your checklist on the admission portal which verification worksheet to complete and return to Student Financial Services. The worksheet will tell you what documents you are required to submit.


You must retrieve your IRS data using either the IRS Data Retrieval Tool through FAFSA or by submitting an IRS Tax Return Transcript obtained through the IRS "Get Transcript" website. For fall 19/spring 20, request 2017 Tax Return Transcript. For fall 20/spring 21, request 2018 Tax Return Transcript.

WHAT happens if i don't complete verification?

Verification must be completed before your financial aid can be applied to your student account and no later than the end of the first semester of enrollment for the academic school year. If verification is not completed by then, all academic year federal, state, and need-based Puget Sound aid will be canceled. Many sources of financial aid have limited funding. Continuing students are encouraged to complete verification by April for the following academic year in order to have access to as many sources of funding as possible.

Can verification change my aid?

YES! If the information on your FAFSA is different than the information on your U.S. income tax return and Verification Worksheet, your aid could be affected. You will be notified with a revised award letter if a change in eligibility occurred as the result of the verification process.