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Fueled by urban energy and natural curiosity, Puget Sound is a leading liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest, and one of only 40 colleges in the nation included in "Colleges That Change Lives." Come visit us and be here now!

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Haley Andres '14

After winning a coveted Watson Fellowship, Haley set off to Australia, Japan, Bolivia, and Tanzania to pursue a project focused on "Understanding Art Therapy in a Diversifying World.” Discover more on her blog.

Listen to KUPS live

Feel like you're on campus already by streaming KUPS "The Sound," our award winning student radio station. Programs include "Galactic Genre," "Madonna-Free Zone," and "Indie Poppins," among many others. 

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Watch the Physics Club launch a weather balloon into near space!

The view around campus

Photo by Alesha Brown '17


Greek Life at Puget Sound...

It's just life! See it now!

Academics by the Numbers

4 year core curriculum
50 traditional and interdisciplinary programs
1,200 courses offered annually

Eat Puget Sound. (Watch now!)


Watch Jared Polonitza '18 solve a Rubik's Cube in 30 seconds

Explore the Pacific Northwest with Puget Sound Outdoors

See what adventures we can share

We Are Here

Learn about Puget Sound's unique location

We Are Here

200,000 Tacoma, Wash. population
35 miles south of Seattle
97 acre campus

Puget Sound How-to Guide: How to be a Visitor

Watch the video. Experience Campus.


Can't come for a visit? (Really?)

Take a virtual tour.


Justin Wagers '17

Watch Puget Sound's own slacklining champion in action on campus!

Billy Rathje ’15

Meet Puget Sound's newest Rhodes Scholar

Collins Memorial Library

500,000 books
116 hours open on average week
24/7 access to virtual assistance

The view around campus

Photo by Alesha Brown '17


Experience Kayak Club first hand!

The view around campus

Photo by Ross Mulhausen, Campus Photographer

Your ticket to The City of Destiny

Flip through the essential guide to Puget Sound

Campus Life

23 NCAA Division III teams
100+ student-run organizations
$500,000 annual budget for student government

See what's happening on campus

Events Calendar


Explore Life After Puget Sound

Hear what students say about post-college options

Puget Sounds

Discover our renowned School of Music


Experiencing Asia: A continent as classroom

Hear about our PacRim program

The view around campus

Photo by Maryliah Leaverton '16

The view around campus

Photo by Juniper Branscomb '17

Coming Fall 2016

See plans for the new Athletics and Aquatics Center


The Lillis Scholarship at Puget Sound

Watch as these scholars reach for the heights of personal achievement

The view around campus

Photo by Ross Mulhausen, Campus Photographer


Puget Sound in under two minutes

Don't wait, watch this now!

The view around campus

Photo by Madison Bowden '17