Andreas Madlung

Andreas Madlung

Professor, Biology

Andreas Madlung’s research interests include the evolutionary biology of plant genome structure, plant molecular biology, physiology, and genetics. Madlung’s studies have included an exploration of the genetic mechanisms that lead to increased vigor in so-called allopolyploid or hybrid plants. More recently he has been studying the role of light receptors in regulating plant stature and three-dimensional growth architecture. Co-written publications include articles on floral reversion, in PLoS ONE (2015), and on genetic and epigenetic aspects of polyploid evolution and genome architecture, in Chromosome Research (2014), Cytogenetic and Genome Research (2014), and Heredity (2013). Book chapters include “Genome Structure and Gene Expression,” in Plant Physiology (2015); and “Genome Organization and Gene Expression,” in Plant Physiology (2010). Madlung has received grants from the National Science Foundation for studying the molecular mechanisms of flower reversion in Arabidopsis suecica (2011–2014), and elucidating the physiological roles of the plant light receptor phytochrome in tomatoes (2014–2019). His teaching includes classes in Molecular Biology and Plant Physiology.

Ph.D University of Oregon 2000
Unity of Life BIOL 111-C 2218
Guide Puget Sound GPS 100-G 2218
Biostatistics BIOL 231-A 2224
Molec Biol & Plant Physiology BIOL 332-A 2224
Intro Biological Research BIOL 392-A 2224

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